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Trainers City Since 23 years, you can find cheat codes, trainers, walkthrough etc Thank you for your visit and good .

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 30 of Go to. Jan 5, 2 0. Dose anyone has any walkthrough or tips? My whoring just stuck and I dont know what to do. ShadowSamurai Active Member.

Oct 4, RvWCaboose said:. Whats an ETA for the next update?!? Reactions: EsUnPinguino. Sep 24, 20 MadMerlin said:. I asked Mo about this but he said it wouldn't look good enough. The clothings I recolored I had to change the brightness, contrast, and shading on most to make them look good.

I wouldn't know how to make the game do that or if that's even possible. Nov 14, 17, 6, MadMerlin Member Game Developer.

Aug 21, I did look into it and the color part is simple to do in renpy the problem is the color pallet that you need to make dynamic, but I will look into it see if I can do it and send a private message or else just do it like you have planet. MoJo Member Game Developer. Jul 22, EsUnPinguino said:. I really enjoyed the added elements in the sexual favors i. Content added to the public shaming I think adds quality to the game and may be a low hanging fruit?

The potions mainly breast expansion, milking, cum addiction were well done. Witch trainer console did find that adding a few more books to read faster was a good element from the Sad Crab version because if you choose to play fully through, it makes book reading a tad more tolerable. More elements for the head, body, piercings, tattoos, and potions could add some interesting des for the characters. Potions such as nipple size, female arousal, other could be added to change her state as well?

Just a thought. For me, the inventory and dressing up added a certain element of naughtiness and I enjoyed the text feedback with the items. Maybe custom text content for certain items would be a low hanging fruit as well? With Cho, I like the competitive aspect of Cho's character. I enjoyed them both taking advantage of Hermione the most though. Having Luna provide suggestions or humiliations to Genie's character for Hermione has my vote. EsUnPinguino Newbie. Feb 15, 33 Nov 19, 7 1. I need to know when the next update is because I have work tomorrow, And it takes me 3 days to used to another update Nov 12, 48 Reactions: Jarul and ShadowSamurai.

Ethanuel Newbie. Jul 21, 35 Wondering if anyone can help me out!

What exactly is the "Wear my cum part 2" event? I cant seem to get to it, or maybe i already have but havent realized it.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated! Jun 5, 1 0. If anyone needed the console commands for Luna Ethanuel said:. May 6, 69 Reactions: ShadowSamurai. You can tell me this shit without being fucking disabilityist, I did say I'm autistic give me fucking break. Reactions: MastershakeJarulShadowSamurai and 2 others. Daveo59 New Member. Feb 19, 5 0. Im playing the download from github, not mega.

Futaglit Active Member.

Dec 4, Dat butt :FeelsGoodMan:. Daveo59 said:. The git-hub version is experimental bud, Mojo have even said that the Git-Hub version is the unpolished release of the WT-Silver Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.