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Vespers rapier

Aura strong conjuration ; CL 20th; Slot none; Weight 2 lbs.

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Vesper's Rapier is a beautifully crafted sword that changes its form to become the sword of preference of its wielder, so it actually need not be a rapier for many of its wielders.

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It is a major artifact. The sword originated from Shyka the Many : one of the Eldest who granted it to Vesperthe bardfor whom it took on the form of a rapier. The artifact can be destroyed if it is taken into a demiplane where time does not pass.

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Vesper's Rapier is known to occasionally disappear and reappear at random locations in the world, a power thought to be tied to Shyka's connection to time. The blade is currently due to reappear in the vicinity of Lake Silverstep in the Stolen Landsand two contingents of fey —a fey silver dragon agent of Shyka known as Eranex sent to retrieve the weapon ; and an ankou worshipper of Count Ranalc and his allies, seeking to use the weapon to bring back the vanished Eldest—have come to await its arrival.

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The two parties are now in an uneasy truce, which will only last until Vesper's Rapier finally reappears. For additional resources, see the Meta .

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You can help us by expanding it. References For additional resources, see the Meta .

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Wesley Schneider. Paizo Publishing, LLC. Dragons Unleashedp. ISBN Shykathe Many; Vesper.

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