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Tumblr sexual dominance

Since its founding inTumblr has always been a place for wide open, creative self-expression at the heart of community and culture. Some of that change began with fostering more constructive dialogue among our community members.

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Welp i am certainly not the only one to inform you of everything going on with tumblr. But with nsfw going down its time to pack up and clean out. I mean that litterally.

What is my age 35
Where am I from: Hungarian
Sexual preference: I prefer gentleman
I can speak: French
My body features: My figure features is strong
Body piercings: None

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Dominance are you a leader or a boss? When those us who are in the lifestyle think about BDSM, many things can come to mind… but at the heart of it all the most commonly thought of or alluded to action is that of power exchange.

With that discipline comes a myriad of secondary benefits: structure, purpose, an intimacy like no other… just to name a few. In seeking discipline the submissive is ultimately seeking leadership that will carry them through each step of their journey, and that leadership needs to be steadfast, rock solid and dependable at the least. So as a dominant, tumblr sexual dominance your role, expectations and responsibilities can often be daunting… especially for those who are fresh or new to the lifestyle, and even those who may have been in it a good while but never properly mentored or trained themselves.

If you imitated their actions and behaviors, how would you look to others? This is laziness saturated in complacency and fear over not knowing what to do in the situation or being disinterested in making proper correction. A leaders actions should reflect the things they teach as well as their own personal growth. Your goals and responsibilities should be in accordance and on a path that is leading your submissive in a direction of growth and progress, but done so in a way that makes them able to not only see your dominance, but also your humanity, maturity and effort in action.

A good leader does not lord over their submissive, they are an example to them. The best leaders are those who are able to act with awareness and mercy while also recognizing their own mistakes with consistency, while also working to fix and improve them in a positive and progressive way.

They take ownership over the mistakes of those under their leadership as well, and work even harder to improve them outside of themselves.

Did that blow your mind? In a word: yes. A shepherd working in the fields wields two things. A rod and a staff.

The rod for correction, the staff for guidance. When the sheep he cares for begins to run astray, not only does he correct them… but he also makes twice as sure that his own behavior that caused the sheep to wander is corrected. Leaders do not simply manage others. They work to effectively see others grow and become better under their guidance and teaching. A true leaders success comes in seeing those around them and tumblr sexual dominance who are in their charge also succeed as well while recognizing the limitations in others in a way as not to sabotage them with the goals they set.

They set goals for both themselves and those they lead that will ultimately enhance their lives and further their personal development. Leaders act in a way that is nurturing through the process while bearing the weight of the submissives struggle while walking alongside them… not pulling or pushing them to a destination.

Am I nurturing and growing and watching my submissive make progress in life? Or am I just grinding her down every day and slowly killing her passions and desires? And I am taking her by the hand and guiding her alongside me? Or am I dragging her around like a caveman? Submissives: are you being lead? Or are you being pulled around until your arm is about to be ripped out of its socket? Are you being lead… or are you simply following? But he told me he did so….

I just feel bad for even bothering him most of the time, and the last thing I want to do is be little around him if it bothers him.

What works for some does not work for others, and the way that one conducts themselves in little space can be completely different from another. However there are a few commonalities in a little space and how to get your little into it, how to provide it for her, and how to nurture and grow it. Therapists and psychoeducators have been using regression therapy for ages in order to figure things out about their patients.

The art of psychoanalysis goes all the way back to Sigmund Freud who really mastered the technique and saw in his patients that using hypnotherapy could cause them to be able to re-count past traumas and memories in order to resolve those things. Their behavior and hepace or state of mind often being there as well as they did so.

Regression therapy specialists believe that we have three states of mind, and that certain events or memories can be stored in the states that we cannot access on our own… so with the proper kind of attention and assistance, those states of mind can be opened up, memories can be accessed, and parts of our past life are allowed to come to the surface.

This form of therapy and the methods used to achieve it all involves providing a relaxed and safe space. Whether it is subspace, little space, or any other kind of hepace or state of mind, the submissive needs to feel relaxed… Safe… And above all, that they can trust you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

One of the most common things that I would hear from Littles who struggle to find their little space is that they cannot rely on their daddy or Dom to get them there, and those who are single cannot find it themselves. Or they end up going so tumblr sexual dominance that they feel that they are either not little anymore or that they have simply lost their little side. With enough prying and the proper questions however, I soon and usually come to find out that it has more to do with stress… being busy… current life events, and other high pressure or unsafe things that are happening at the time.

To make it simple… They do not have a safe space in order to find that part of themselves. Because there is a certain portion of our community that is simply in it for the kink. There is a certain portion who age play, and they do not get into the mental or emotional aspect of that part of the lifestyle. They might just simply enjoy acting out the parts and fantasizing in their own way.

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So with all of that in mind, the main point is that the Dom or Daddy in the relationship has to be able to provide that safety and security in order to guide his submissive to find their proper hepace. In the same way… a single submissive must be able to eliminate the stress and what not of their lives in order to be able to claim that space properly. When we do not feel safe, we cannot relax. Without being able to relax, tumblr sexual dominance cannot allow ourselves to let go. And without being able to let go we will not be able to feel enough contentment to be able to enjoy that part of ourselves.

As we grow in life our brain is constantly evolving and growing with us up to a certain age. Along the way through our developmental years, certain things can happen to us that alter the course of our brain or even affect it in such a way as to get it hung up or stuck on certain times and events. Those who suffer from great depression often use these events and times to capitalize and maximize their faults and failures while piling everything from blame to wrath upon themselves.

Someone who has a major trauma event may keep that event stored at the forefront of their mind and revisit it often… Thus keeping themselves from making personal progress.

Their little space exists somewhere just before an event of great change or trauma or likewise. It exists in a time just before because that is the last time that they felt truly innocent or safe in life. On the flipside, it can also be a time in life that existed before a long string of abuse.

This could be mental, physical, emotional or a combination… Domestic violence, perhaps a creepy uncle, the list is endless but you get the point.

A simple truth

So in understanding where your Littles little space comes from, you are better able to understand what first created it… And then what triggers it as well. In parallel to those things, you are also able to be more properly educated and able to handle the things that caused it to begin with…. Have you ever noticed your little shut down or go quiet or revert to a negative head space after something simple and ambiguous that you did?

It may be that you are committing a behavior that makes them feel either unsafe or that was traumatizing for them in the past and they cannot verbally express that to you because they end up hyper regressing in that moment. Your little needs their little space just as much as she does that therapy spanking that you like to give her. Think in your own life the things that allow you to relax outside of your relationship. They not only crave the space, but they actually need it in order to feel tumblr sexual dominance and themselves.

Otherwise you may end up finding some frustrating consequences and circumstances on your hands if you as the dominant are not able to provide this for them. As the dominant in their life, they depend on you to be the pillar of stability and everything that is safe and sacred in their lives.

They give you their submission and in return expect that you will keep them safe and protect them among other things… That you will provide their needs, whether it be in making their decisions, choosing their clothing and so on… which includes giving them the absolute safest of care possible. How you come to that conclusion is really up to how your relationship ebbs and flows. And there is a long-standing debate within the community as to whether little space should include sexual aspects and activities or not.

But if you get to the root of the issue, some Littles get sexual in their little space because their little space was triggered by a sexual trauma to begin with.

Mike meyers

This is very much an adult lifestyle, that features adult kink, with adults who are participating in adult activities… and there is no place for children or those who are attracted to them. I am also not at all a fan of mixing sexual activity with little space. I do not believe that it is good for either of the people in the relationship, nor do I believe that it is healthy tumblr sexual dominance any kind of self evolution in the little. Little space should be a safe place of refuge where your little can freely express herself and be who she is without fear of dark clouds, worry, anxiety and so on… it should be a place where that sweet tender caregiver side of your daddy space is allowed to shine through and and appropriately wrap your little up in an emotional, mental and sometimes physical blanket of security and love.

And now we find ourselves answering an age old question: Why in the world does my little act out the way she does? Answers are often simple to come by even if they seem complex. And the fact is, this kind of behavior has been around since the dawn of the lifestyle. Your little seems like a good girl most of the time.

Maybe she snuck an extra cookie, maybe she refused her nappy.

Frankly put Daddy… you are failing. Your little seems like such a good girl and then all the sudden she pulls something that is a punishable offense. Perhaps you take action, and then you see her happy later tumblr sexual dominance gee, I wonder why. Maybe its that shes acting out because you are simply not giving her enough attention. When she feels ignored or neglected she purposely pushes buttons… and with so many big colorful buttons to push, its like a game of candyland.

Then she gets the attention from you, although in a negative way, in the form of punishment…. Because prior to that she was feeling lonely and neglected. She tested you on purpose to see how much you love her. To see what kind of Daddy you really are. And as long as you keep slacking on your responsibility, she will just keep taking you through this cyclical process.

You need to realize exactly what you have decided upon when you decided to make her your prized possession.