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Tumblr female dominance

Alright, lets destroy the taboo surrounding cuckolding once and for all.

married miss Sloan

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Feel free to use it for yourselves if you like. Effective immediately the following rules of agreement will be fully in forced. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment. He will obey her fully with out question or complaint, this total obedience to her is mandatory. He will not refer to the penis as his own by use of words that suggests he still has ownership over it. He must sleep naked so that she has full access to his body anytime she wants it throughout the night.

Age 35
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
My favourite drink: Lager
Music: Heavy metal
Body piercings: None
I like tattoo: None

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Now that her daughter had a boyfriend of her own whom she was beginning to dominate, Sandra decided to give her some training in how to properly spank a male.

Mike was intimidated by his mother in law, and when she confronted him about ridiculing her choice of lingerie, he was so embarrassed and humiliated that he had no choice but to obey her. Little did he know that his wife was going to take her cue from her mother and make him do the same at home as well. Tags: femdom female domination male submission cross dressing forced feminisation lingerie high heels. Bound, gagged and locked in chastity, Dave could only watch in helpless humiliation as his wife inducted their daughter into dominating him as thoroughly as she did.

Now he would have to serve both women and would likely be whipped twice as much as before for his failings. Tags: femdom female domination male submission male bondage male chastity whipping humiliation. While he was at university John had a landlady who loved to control and dominate him.

She was also a strict disciplinarian and did not tolerate any disobedience on his part. Tags: femdom female domination male submission Male Spanking male caning chastity cage male chastity cross dressing feminisation forced feminisation caning. She felt much more herself and comfortable wearing the black stiletto boots and wielding a whip than she did being a demure bride, and was looking forward to asserting her authority over her spouse - she would make sure he never forgot his first night as a married man.

Tags: femdom female domination male submission female led relationship high heel boots wedding dress wedding night.

Michelle loved to stretch her submissive boyfriends beyond their limits. This new one showed some real promise, so she decided to test how obedient he would be when she challenged some of his core values and lifestyle choices. Tags: femdom female domination male submission CFNM humiliation. Tags: femdom female domination male submission pegging male bondage strap-on lingerie bra girdle stockings.

Emily was creative in her domination of her boyfriend, and enjoyed doing so outdoors - she knew all the places where nettles, thistles and gorse grew, and relished making him accompany her there completely naked, while she was protected by her leather clothes. Tags: femdom female domination male submission high heel boots leather leather gloves corset CFNM discipline punishment.

Joanna needed to know if her boyfriend was truly submissive, as he claimed to be. He really hated physical discipline so she put on the dress that he thought she looked the sexiest in, to exploit his weakness and desire for her, and challenged him to submit completely. Tags: female domination femdom male submission Male Spanking discipline corporal punishment.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Tags: female led relationship mistress and slave female domination. Tags: femdom female domination cross dressing feminisation girdle longline bra fully fashioned stockings humiliation. Adding to his subjugation and humiliation, she invited her friends to help get him dressed and ready to parade on the catwalk as a sexy young woman. Tags: femdom female domination male submission cross dressing forced feminisation lingerie public humiliation lace topped stockings suspender belt bra.

As she trained her boyfriend to become her slave Gemma was regularly adding more positions to those he was trained to take up whenever she demanded it. Julie was always happy to have her friend Sarah in with the domination of her boyfriend, who had ly had a crush on Sarah. She had never been interested in him as a boyfriend, but always relished the opportunity to Julie in dominating and humiliating him.

Tags: femdom female domination male submission male bondage Male Spanking lingerie bullet bra fully fashioned stockings. Mother Earth 5.

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How cucks get their pleasure

Photo via femdombrothel. Photo via otkfme2. He will find out what a wooden spoon feels like if he keeps dating her. Photo via lurkingcol.