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How old am I 24
Sexual orientation: Hetero
What is my gender: Girl
I speak: Spanish
My Sign of the zodiac: Leo
What is my favourite music: Jazz

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter TheImage Start date Jun 22, 2d game 2dcg anal sex blackmail bukkake corruption dating sim female domination female protagonist footjob groping group sex handjob humiliation interracial lesbian male domination management masturbation mobile game multiple penetration oral sex pregnancy prostitution sex toys spanking teasing titfuck.

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. Aug 28, 1, 1, I'm unsure who this post was directed at maybe Panx. I'm going to step up and respond to it though. You cut your monologue into 3 parts and I'll respond to all 3. Part 1: Some games do have "fanboys". Diehard fans will defend everything the developer does good or bad. It's like any fandom. Where are these "Lazy developers that don't do anything.

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To create a game you need writing and not just normal writing. It has to be done in a "choose your own adventure" sort of style unless you are going for a kinetic novel type game. You are going to also need the ability to code such a thing.

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If you put a colon in the wrong place or forget to capitalize a word, or make a typo it can all come crashing down. Then, of course, you need some sort of visual medium be it daz renders, or 2d drawing or something else And there can always be more. If you want voices in your game you may need to hire a voice actress, and sometimes you are going to want to add music or sound effects. Patreon insexsity may not speak English well and need someone to help translate. Creating even a small game is a sizable project. If you work in a team then you need to figure out logistics and time tables and have everyone work together.

Insexsity, adult videogame

If your writing is done in a week, but the renderer takes a month then your supply chain is only as fast as the weakest link in that chain. If you are making the game yourself without a team then you don't have to "wait for others" or "feel bad about making others wait". Instead, it's all on your shoulders. Most developers are solo developers doing it all themself. Also, most developers get paid either nothing or next to nothing. On top of all that Developers are human beings. We have family's, jobs, school, health patreon insexsity, personal issues, and so on.

Most developers would make ificantly more money working minimum wage.

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So please tell me again how game developers are lazy. And don't even get me started on how corrupt patreon stifles creativity imposing arbitary rules and regulations on developers to follow both off and on site because the cancel culture cry bullies got to them. As for your point about starting a business then it failing or succeeding. Yes, most small businesses fail. Just need one to succeed though. It's better to try patreon insexsity fail something than not try at all. Don't get me wrong, some support games, but most don't and by a large margin.

It's obvious You want a list?

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This is good, but also take note that there is a possibility a developer re 0 of these comments. I doubt the developer or anyone else for that matter has read them all especially when people like you, and me write long posts like these. Sometimes a developer doesn't have the ability to patreon insexsity a problem and they are aware of it.

As an example, the game Fashion business lags like crazy. The developer decentmonkey is aware of this. Not much they are able to do to fix this due to the insane amount of code they put into that game. Often times feedback is not helpful.

Insexsity final version update part 2: let's go to the dark alley 💙🖤💗👍!!!

Simply saying "These renders suck" or "The writing is bad" or "I don't like this character. Is it buggy? Is the writing bad? Well, explain why it's bad. Are characters acting in an unrealstic way? Did they use too many big words?

Is the plot too hard to believe? Are the renders bad?

The gameplay

Which renders or all of the renders? Well that needs a better video card, or lots of extra time in photoshop Is it because the lighting changes mid-scene in a strange way? Is it because the character poses in a strange way? Detailed feedback is wonderful. General open-ended feedback is relatively useless. Ah, the usual shitshows whenever a game is completed.

s and s of rants and flinging shit over a goddamn scuffed porn game. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time during the holidays? Reactions: Ayam85cooldude33 and Callowayaway.

Insexsity, adult videogame

Deleted member 64 Guest Guest. Played this like a year back and quit cause I was kinda confused. Is this game worth playing in completed state?

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Sep 14, 1, 15, Okay what is going here how buggy is the game? Game Developer. Jun 19, 1, 4, Interesting to see this pop up 'complete' now.

Alexander Krisnov said:. Reactions: cooldude33 and Deleted member Aug 1, 4, 1, Jan 18, I wanted to know, in these 2 years, the game won a Portuguese version? Feb 28, What I mean is, has the walkthrough become useful? Rex Member. Nov 26, This game finally ended? Nov 16, Rex said:. No it is done. No more updates beyond this point.

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However the dev might share a fix patch or something like that if people report too many game breaking bugs. Reactions: Brololol. Myrionyma Newbie. Sep 12, 23 I tried it, and there is still choices that lead to a "in development" reply. Reactions: Sharku. Jan 23,