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Lord arioch

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Toggle. Home Activity Best Of In. I'm sorry, I feel like this is a reference I should get, but I'm not sure who Lord Arioch is, or why he is being named in the event milestone. Anyone have an idea? Dogface Posts: Critical Contributor.

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December I was intrigued as well. If you google him, it's one of the lords of Chaos in books by Michael Moorcock.

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But as far as the connection with Strange Sights, I don't know. Perhaps it's a tribute to a player, who has passed. I've seen it before in Morrowind with Lord Brinne's ashes. Yeah, I was wondering about that too, but I couldn't find a record of him on the boards here. I realize that's not exactly definitive when it comes to determining whether or not someone is a player, but that's all I got.

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Theghouse Posts: Mover and Shaker. My guess is that it's a reference to somebody who was close to one of the developers, or perhaps the entire development team. What a unique way to honor and remember them!

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DeNappa Posts: 1, Chairperson of the Boards. What puzzles me is Seems like a failed memoriam, then. Robadub Posts: 3 Just Dropped In. He absorbed him, gaining his extra power at the cost of his identity, and his hair became blonde and stringy, taking on some of Arioch's appearance.

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He defeated Shuma Gorath, but needed the help of his current mentor Kaluu to get recover his identity. Strange Tales volume 2, HoundofShadow Posts: 4, Chairperson of the Boards. This is a former long-time MPQ player and Doctor Strange fan that recently passed that we honored in the game.

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Thank you! Akoni Posts: Mover and Shaker.

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