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The porn industry is known for adapting to new technologies very fast, and it has even become a deciding factor in technological trends. Virtual reality is no exception, and there are plenty of VR porn games to enjoy. See also: How to watch VR porn — and the best places to find it.

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You should relax sometimes and have fun getting lost in a virtual alternative world playing the best VR porn games on Android or iPhone that your money can buy for you. We know that you would love to play these VR fuck games like you are a kid on a console getting free entertainment and pure sexual stimulation as people walk past that bedroom door. They raised funds on Patreon and released the game on July 26, You will have fun watching realistic 3D models do sexy dance moves in different scenes and every time an achievement is reached, a real girl and a new scene unlock.

This realistic 3D game will keep you busy. This is the best game on the list with exclusive customizable interactivity for adults.

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Think of it as a porn version of the SIMS. In 3DXChat, you can build apartments, modify the bedroom in your home by rearranging furniture, and chat with other players like you at the club. The bottom of the has advertisements of the VStroker cybersex toy to use with your VR experience to create a blanketing effect of full pleasure! My favorite part is the Nightclub setting where you can dance the night away with the avatars and have sex with one of them on a beach under a campfire or on the yacht while other people look on in absolute amazement.

This game gives you the power to control every sexual action between you, the main character, and the receiver, usually a sexy ass woman.

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Try to curb your enthusiasm and hide your fear because there is a large ferocious dragon lingering in the background staring you dead in the eyes while you fuck her brains out. If you enjoy the likes of Candy Crush then you can taste a similar match puzzle game with stickman sexual positions inscribed on colored boxes as the connected lineups cascade and move to another level. There are levels to unlock and between each one is a VR porn scene with a storyline that you can watch with your VR goggles or on a PC or Mac. Every time you play a level you are on a date with a gorgeous blonde model named Laura played by Bridgette B.

She interacts with you in all the scenes and as you progress through the levels, more girls unlock, you can go on more dates, and eventually have a threesome at the end with Laura and Dana played by the smoking hot Gianna Dior. If you need to try it before you buy it, there is a demo version.

Lewd Fraggy hosts this cool virtual reality sex game that has the best CGI realistic graphics in real-world environments showing that the professional de artists the company hired are executing their talented skills from college with grace and taste. The Waifu Sex Htc vive sex games VR creators are pretty active about informing the public about schedule updates, fixed bugs, and upgrades.

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Welcome to the World of Whorecraft, a parody of World of Warcraft that takes place in medieval times with your character fucking orcs, elves, monsters and more to progress to the next levels of the game. So understand that every time your character runs across someone or something along their journey, they might end up fucking them — like a Whore studying a Craft!

One way the system does this is by capturing your IP address, which shows your state of origin. However, a credit card along with your name, country, postal code, and address is also requested before full processing goes through. One issue you might encounter when searching for the right Whorecraft game on a search engine because there are many parodies, but the link that we posted is the correct one.

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VR Kanojo is the most popular game on PC today and it reminds me of a porn hentai kingdom full of sexy babes that you can interact with on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift heets with Leapmotion head and hand tracking. This game features your character interacting with only one girl — her name is Sakura Yuuhi. She looks very young like a schoolgirl and you can do many things with her as she responds gleefully with sweet giggles.

Hardcore Pink is the developer responsible for building The Pink Motel — a game downloadable for browser and playable on Steam. However, you will need to become a contributor on Patreon if you want to download this game. First, you start off driving on a lonely road after a night of drinking looking for a place to spend the night.

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So you go in there and start getting freaky with the bitches. Your character can explore different rooms and pick up some instructional booklets with Kama Sutra type of sex moves to learn.

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You can control every action of both your character and the prostitute does by using the keys on your keyboard. Virt-A-Mate has the most realistic characters than all the VR porngames in this list. They feel like you are in a relationship with a real virtual mate! This game is so popular that the walkthroughs on YouTube have millions of views and the game link is easily discoverable everywhere on the world wide web.

One quirk about this game is the patience and intelligence needed to get through the levels, but the lessons are worth your time. You can even create renditions of celebrities using highly detailed customizable face features.

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Yes, its real sex, baby! You can fuck in a dungeon on some BDSM shit with aliens, gruesome monsters and more. Your ultimate goal is to have sex with as many women as possible using different non-human and sometimes human characters. VR Fuck Dolls is your sex toy companion for the mornings, afternoons, and evenings — good night. This is my favorite adult 3D degree VR porn game that takes seconds to verify your age to get right into the best rated online action. No credit card required.

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You get the power of an emperor to choose different characteristics when accentuating features. Free play is available, but you can also get a membership to buy extra stuff.

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Enjoy an extensive library and free prizes from contests. Welp; that is the final VR Porn Game review. I hope you enjoyed your newfound VR porn games sex video apps. They are nice. Where can I masturbate online and jerk off with strangers? Plus Coupons and Promo Codes. Is it Worth it? Employment Opportunity with Pleasure Seeker We are looking for erotica writers! Preferably in BDSM.

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After logging in you can close it and return to this. Visit Real Girl VR. No males in the scenes, only girls Very sexual 20 free girls, which is a good amount of girls. Download an. Visit 3DXChat. Best-selling Virtual Reality 3D VR porngame Millions of members Website constantly updated Does not require an advanced performing computer to operate in a high-capacity Animations are clean Supports teledildonics Small game in size - 1GB - which is great for such a large and popular game. Graphics could be more realistic Very expensive to become a member Some glitches Does not have free Only one type of heet you can use.

Clean graphics that are super realistic Very small for a game; download space is 0. No bonafide reviews from real users Characters look too young to be milfs Not much of a storyline. Visit Date Night. Very hard to find actual gameplay footage, which brings up questions Need more compatible heets No Android or iPhone apps.

Visit Waifu Sex Simulator. Fully customizable New models, scenes, and animations updated often and bugs are fixed when reported Free to play VR mode Developer cares about the quality of their game. Need to download the game from some random Google Drive link - safe? Downloadable patch from a third-party site, so what the fuck am I getting? Large sex game - need to wait for the PC game to take time to load. Adventure mode like World of Warcraft Need to think through the levels Some characters are trolls, aliens, cops, pips, politicians, high schoolers, sluts, call girls, mistresses.

Visit World of Whorecraft. The "World htc vive sex games Whorecraft" title is so popular that a few authors wrote Kindle ebooks about their fantasies Hardcore stuff No download required Beautiful graphics; looks like an uncensored real-world XXX adventure games Entertaining storyline. Lo up slowly Dis-interesting monotonous medieval music playing nonstop throughout the gameplay Demands a credit card before going forward with a "free" Kids play who play World of Warcraft might accidentally come across this game and scar them mentally for life.

Intimate experience Single-player mode Sensitive Interactive features Non-adult version available in case you don't like cartoon sex 4 GB of space needed to save the game.

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Visit VR Kanojo. Feels like you have a real girlfriend Looks so realistic Fun activities in addition to having sex Fine graphics with interesting gameplay. Hardcore Pink - The Pink Motel. A small game - 1 GB of space Women are not forced to do sex acts. Need to be a Patreon subscriber to play this game and get updates about changes Long time passes before owners post updates about the game Seems like an imitation of NarcosXXX. Visit Virt-A-Mate. Graphics are so realistic that it's creepy Public Plans accessible on Trello to anyone Creators keep fans updated about patches, bug fixes.

Many players have mixed views about this game, which is surprising because of how good the gameplay Takes some time to load up because of the large size.