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Hard times in hornsville

Developer: Unlikely Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love.

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Hornstown is the largest text-based fetish porn game, with hundreds of kinky adventures to discover. Hornstown is a vast metropolis of sexy encounters that will keep you entertained for a long time. Hardcore fetish content? Plain old vanilla? In Hornstown there is something for everyone.

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This is Hard Times in Hornstownpossibly the largest fetish-themed text adventure on the internet. It has more than 13 million characters 2. And you certainly won't be lonely, not with our NPCs to meet, and greet and do kinky things with. The game is a sandbox, letting you explore a fictional city full of sexy opportunities. What will you become? Not even the daily grind of making money is boring in Hornstown. Whether you are working at a supermarket, a hotel reception, a construction site or just driving people around, somehow you always seem to end up encountering something kinky.

Or, if that's not exciting enough for you, you can just decide to become an exotic dancer, a porn star or a cam whore. Want to take your fate into your own hands? Not a problem, just open your own peep show, detective agency or reinvent yourself and a sex cult.

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You can be male, female, straight, gay, bi, cis, trans or all of the above in a single playthrough. Your body and attitude changes with your decisions letting you be as masculine, feminine, submissive or dominant as you wish while you go through crazy sexcapades, committed relationships, threesomes, orgies and all kinds of kink-centric adventures. Hornstown is a place that's always changing and growing, receiving characters 40 words of content each month without fail. The game is completely freebut patrons gain access to new content a month early, as well as having more options at character generation and being able to access the novels for free!

Also, we have two short erotic novels written to accompany the gameone of which even lets you choose your and your partner's gender!

Install instructions

Hornstown has a browser version, that can be reached hereand there are downloadable windows and osx versions as well. Log in with itch. Well it is really based on your preferences. They're identical however if you happen to have some difficulties bugs with either you can always try the other.

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I am having trouble finding the Extreme Circumstances location. Maybe I am missing something? Hej Bruno We are open to the possibility to port HT properly to phones too, but I can't say just yet that we have decided on either making an android verision or not. There's a tiny problem in the movie stodio.

After I do the first movie, the game freezes in a white screen and there's absolutely no way out. Am I doing something wrong or is something with the game? Every time. Hard times in hornsville just gave up after the fourth time and preferred to keep the peep show as my main venue. Hi Unlikely, I seem to recall that I used to be able to go through the Himbo route without being a patreon member, but now when I attempt to follow that route it looks like I'm blocked. Was this an intentional update? Also, are the new coven scenes in 4. I'm just a bit confused what is and isn't supposed to be behind the patreon tiers.

Hi lolzaror, Sorry to get back to you so late, Everytime there is new big content update every month the update becomes public so everyone can accesss it. Are you still closed off from the bimbo content?

The largest text-based fetish porn game since

Ask and you shall be granted! Anyway, that's a fair request. I was wondering why I hadn't thought about this before. Another "fair request" - please make the city map scalable properly when the game plays in the internal browser through itch. Usually it appears at some big size and doesn't fit screen, really hard to navigate. Double click on it makes it even bigger, without possibility to restore the size. It looked really exiting when you decided to switch to full 3D, but that was a while ago, and I can't find any info about the current progress You are able to navigate the map with drag and the map can be zoomed in our out with a scroll wheel.

It works for perfectly with touchpad as well, so please try using these options.

Hard times in hornstown

As for HornsTown Next, unfortunately it is no longer in developement and not likely to be released. Hi TyranntX! Thank you for pointing it out, it is our mistake that the about section isn't up to date. I'll fix it right away.

H owever it's true that starting as a female character is locked behind a paywall, you can get transformed anytime after you've started the game.

Porn game: hard times in hornstown by unlikely version

Hej Haythem, you'll be able to express your wish as there will be a poll for HornyZ update. The most voted NPCs get their storyline extended, so dont forget to vote for Dan! Please keep an eye on our patreon as poll will be announced there.

This is not what you are here for Dear MarloweC! We agree with you, there are quite a few hot fat guys. By playing the game you can meet a lot of super hot chubby men. Being hot is not a matter of body shape, weight or height. We hope you stay with us Also, thanks for your feedback!

The Unlikely Team. Dear Clairry, We will try to put more stuff into the game beside the new storylines and characters! Best Regards, Sorina Unlikely Team. Is the doctor's name also my name for a reason, or is that just the character's name?

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I cant do it! I don't know where the cinema is. Places like cinema should become visible if you have a date with someone there.

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In the right time it should show up on the map, when the date starts. Does the Hornyz dating app stop generating profiles after a few days, or am I doing something wrong? Hi Bakera! You are not doing anything wrong. At the moment we have only 15 NPC users on Hornyz. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Hard Times in Hornstown. A downloadable game.

A transgender dominatrix? An airheaded sex-craving bimbo? A masculine leather master?

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A cuckolded wimp with his cock in a cage? A polyamorous voyeur? A submissive sissy maid? You can be all of that and more. Come in, and try it out now!