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Forbidden desires tumblr

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Watching her eagerly move onto her hands and knees for him, presenting her perfect ass and pussy for him, made him so hard again. He moved behind her and ran his hands over her ass, admiring her. He got closer and aligned his cock at her entrance, but not before having rubbed the head through her folds. He waited a moment, loving the anticipation, before he slowly buried his cock deep inside of her perfect pussy, a moan leaving his lips at the feeling. Ever since that night the relationship between Whitney and Ryan was extremely different. Now she took every opportunity to flirt with him even if her mother was in the same room.

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The balance that this love will bring, is to be the start of a new era, where evil will be weakened for the first time in centuries. When the Winchesters find out about this, they decide this is the opportunity of their life, the only way to make a difference once and for all. And now they have a way to find this girl, things should be easy, right?

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What if Lilith had stolen the tablet to hide it? What if their love was supposed to bring some other apocalypse, instead forbidden desires tumblr peace? She loves Dean, Dean loves her. They tried, God knows they tried. So be it. Let them unravel the mysteries of that prophecy, but nothing can make things different now anyway. Dean has several stages of anger, both his best friend and his brother know it.

Stage one : he yells. Stage two : he stabs. Stage 3 : He stays calm and cold, making bitter comments. But her will is steel. She was never really a woman who stays back, but now that she just found her wolf, she is not letting the pack go leaving her behind.

She bends on the car, humming, her jean shorts letting him admire her legs. How can she be so radiant, shining so blindingly. How can she be so happy with this situation, that smile never leaving her lips since they planned that trip? He had her. Sam saw her most private parts, and he laid naked on top of her.


He kissed her, he took her… not long ago. Now she looks happy and light-hearted, and even if Dean knows she is in love with him, maybe Sam thinks it is thanks to him, maybe he imagines that Love finally found its way to her heart. Or made us do something wrong?

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He is worried, yes. He is worried that what they find at the end of the road is an awful truth. Something that would compromise their love even more, make them outlaws forever, or keep them apart.

Greater good chapter 11 : both of you

The worst, in fact, would be that the prophecy is just right, and that they ruin the world for being selfish. He is worried that their love shows, that Sam notices it or that she indeed blows their secret, like she said she would. And that fear, burning in his guts, that Sam would try to kiss her, touch her or anything.

That what he was doing slowly, before they slept together, kissing her now and then, trying to make the spark happen. And there is no reason he stops now that they had sex. Would she let him touch her?

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Will he offer to share a room on the way? But above everything, above the fear, the worry, the jealousy and all of it, Dean is just relieved. He can breathe fully and the sickness is gone for good ; because she is here, just here for him to see is enough to feel alive.

After only half an hour, Dean already starts to think the road is too long. This is going to feel infinite….

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He always loved driving, just hit the road in his beloved car, listening to music and seeing the landscape change. This has always been freedom. Being unable to move his hand back to touch her thighs that are now resting on the black leather, since she laid on the seat, her back on the pillow against the door. Being unable to tell her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. God, since he said it out loud, he feels like he could only pronounce those three words forever. She is so close, but it feels like an ocean is between them, an ocean of forced distances, of control.

Control of his eyes, of his hands, of his words…. Time passes slowly. Very often, he catches her staring in the rear-view mirror, she gives him a corner smile, sometimes a little of her hand, forbidden desires tumblr even blushes slightly. And it is enough to make him shake a little in excitement.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When he stops for gas after a few hours, she jumps out of the car to run to the bathroom, and Dean enters the little shop to buy food and drinks, taking his time to enjoy the air conditioning a little. Walking the narrow aisles, he grabs an exaggerated amount of snacks and rubs his knee when he feels its soreness increase. She is standing next to him, an iced coffee in her hand. Her skin is covered by a thin layer of sweat, her hair messy from laying in the car, the t-shirt she stole from him tied on her belly to be shorter.

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His eyes linger along her body and he takes one more sandwich, suddenly starving. While he searches another word, she comes closer, much closer, and puts her hand in his back, making him look around nervously. He takes a deep inhale in her hair and allows himself to close his wary eyes for a second to let her smell hit all his senses.

But before he could really find what to say, she lifts her chin and captures his lips softly, dragging a groan out of him. He kisses back, slow and lovingly, and it feels just like the very first time he did. Her lips part to deepen the kiss, her tongue teasing his just a second before she breaks it in a grunt, and puts her forehead on his shoulder.

Give me time to find out about the prophecy, to be sure, to… Just give me a few days. She frowns with her eyes still closed and fists her pillow. The idea of going to a hotel reception seems unsurmountable right now, and the inside of the car smells like Dean. She comes out of the car rubbing her eyes and stretches in the warm night. Taking the bottle of water from the back seat, she drinks and rinses her forbidden desires tumblr hands and face. When her eyes land on Dean getting out the reception door, she smiles wide.

While Sam opens their door, Dean carries her bag in her room, and her heart races just thinking of finding herself alone with him even a minute. The second Dean closes the door on the ugly green wallpaper room, she jumps at his neck. He catches her, letting her bag fall on the floor, and groans in her mouth when her lips find his once again, like magnets. He is hard, he is in love like he never was, and he is craving her. So after one tiny other second of forbidden desires tumblr, he turns around to push her back against the door and falls on his sore knees before her.

She looks down at him while he pushes her shirt up to kiss her stomach, his hands working her belt and zipper, and she has to hold on to his shoulders when he pushes her shorts and panties down and throws them across the room. Somehow, he loves to be on his knees.

He loves to look up at her from here, because even when he is not physically there, he is at her feet anyway. He grasps her thighs in his eager hands, bites her hip gently, and runs his nose along her skin until he reaches her pelvis, to kiss it, and bends to kiss her folds. She is already shaking, her knees trembling and one of her hands fisting the short strands of his hair tighter when he caresses it with his hungry tongue. He wants to make her come, he wants to make love to her, to cherish her, to take his time.

But Sam hangs up and Dean realizes that from now on, he will get more suspicious with each passing minute. He could even come knock here…. So he gets on his feet in a grunt, making her whimper when his tongue leaves her swollen yearning clit, and kisses her parted lips. Before she answered, he lifts her thighs and spre them, carrying her.

She wraps her legs around him and her fingers find his hard length, to guide it at her soaked entrance. It has to be fast, he knows that, so he puts his palm on her mouth, knowing she might not be able to keep silent throughout it, and starts thrusting inside of her quite hard right away. She whimpers in his hand, her eyes on him, her walls throbbing around his cock and Dean feels like he could explode.

It only takes a few more sharp thrusts with her butt hitting the door before her eyes roll and her thighs convulses around his waist. She comes like she had been craving sex for years, like it was the very forbidden desires tumblr time someone made her come. She comes like a woman in love. Her walls contract eagerly around him, bringing his own orgasm forward. He gasps and hides his face in her neck to muffle his own moans while his hips still against hers and he fills her with ropes of his possessive cum while grinding softly.

His brother wriggled all night, obviously unable to find sleep, and after a while, he took his phone and spent almost an hour texting God knows who. Maybe he is on another one of his stupid dating app.